Judgments (corrected)

I mistakenly hit “send” on my mobile device. I had a great coaching session today that went in a surprising direction. There was a deeper issue with my being judgmental. My coach today asked me, “what is it doing for you to be judgmental?” After the session I thought of several things. People like my sarcastic humor, and I’m rewarded in my job for my passion for justice. It was how I dealt with bullying as a kid. But it’s likely not the most energizing way to deal with bullying in my professional life. These aspects of me are fairly intertwined with my judgmental side. But I see how being judgmental has been a defense mechanism since childhood for me. (Like “Daria” from “Beavis & Butthead”) And I’m considering “decluttering” that part of my identity as part of the October work. It’s been my security blanket — a wubby? — for a long time. In addition to the podcasts for October and Villain Compassion, ep. 211, what podcasts, questions to ask myself, etc. do you suggest? Thanks!!