Judgments of others cp

Hi Brooke,
I was hoping you could help me better understand the quote you had written in the day 1 homework. “Notice that most judgments of others are projections we have of ourselves”. When you asked us to circle the judgments that are also true about us, I circled 3 out of the 14 that I wrote down. I then started to think about judgments that I have about other people. What I felt the things that I judge others for are things that I feel I am good at or things that I feel that I am not. For example, I said a certain person is lazy, spends their money unwisely, eats poorly, disorganized… all things that I don’t feel that I am. Am I looking at this incorrectly, or is it “normal” to judge others based on the things I excel in or things that I feel that I am not? For example, I am bossy, I lack patience… but I don’t notice that I judge others that I might feel struggle with those same things. I have plenty of faults, don’t get me wrong… but I don’t think that I judge others for those faults that I have, rather for the faults that I don’t feel I have that I feel they should improve on. So teach me, please! 🙂