C – The look in his face, the way he acts, how he speaks, what he said in the past
T – Reb really judges me and my work performance.
F – Feeling of not liking him
A – Not wanting to be around, look for evidence on where he suck, not show up as myself, look for evidence on where I am struggling at work,
R – I judge him, I judge myself. I don’t show up like I want to.

How do I know if he is really judging me or not. I feel like yes is judging me and my work. And then my thought is: He shouldn’t do that. He shouldn’t judge me.

I feel like he associates my procrastination with my integrity as a person. That I am not a good employee because I am not showing up. That he thinks that they shouldn’t have hired me. That I am a lazy person and that I haven’t contributed anything to them.

The feeling I have is fraud.