july homework

hi there

i’m kinda not into this months homework cause i think that i’ve already come so far concerning my past. thanks to the work i’ve put in to scs.
i’m only 25 and i only have these “hard things” i had to go through:
– my parents divorce
– me not being in touch with my mom for 10 yrs
– my dad telling me things like “you have a big nose”, “you are not a person who can cook” etc.
– me not being good at school like others. i always had to put more work into it.
– i didn’t get the attention from boys or friends i wanted.

but i’m not mad or sad about it anymore. i’m in peace and i know i can change it anytime.
it doesn’t define it.
i’m thankful for these lessons. cause it made me so much more wiser, attentiv to my own behavior.

so i don’t put so much work into this months like i want to.

can you help me with that?

i know i should ask myself. and my mind will give me the answer. and i tried that. but i’m not having any results.
like something i must change.

any advice here?