July Homework Day One

Hi Coaches, Can you provide me with some insight on this month’s homework so I know if I’m on the right track?
I wrote what was great about yesterday is I did some research on how to self publish my book plus I joined Instagram (I have a ton of pictures worth sharing about the town I write stories on and I’m looking to Instagram as a way of getting followers and promoting my book). I felt great taking positive steps toward my Impossible Goal, which is to become a full-time writer with my own business. Then my brain went to work telling me I didn’t take any proactive steps, I just basically consumed knowledge (I’m still very confused about self-publishing but that’s ok. One of last month’s dares was to ask my editor for help/advice, which she will give me following this week’s deadline). Also, I didn’t actually post anything on Instagram, I just read up on it and lurked, again another passive step, according to my brain. HOWEVER, the story I’m telling is that any step toward my Impossible Goal is a good step and a necessary one. Even the tiniest step forward makes me feel more like a legit writer who is taking control of her destiny and on her way to achieving what she once thought impossible.

C: Researched Self Publishing and Researched/Joined Instagram
T: Research is a passive step that has never made much of a difference in achieving my goal
F: pointless
A: judge myself, procrastinate, buffer
R: I don’t create much of a difference in my life
C: Researched Self Publishing and Researched/Join Instagram
T: Knowledge is power and an important step in achieving my Impossible Goal
F: purposeful
A: continue to research while applying what I’ve learned, add photos to Instagram and promote book, all while managing my mind with each step
R: I follow the path leading to my Impossible Goal

Am I on the right path, homework-wise?
I’m looking forward to this month’s work!
Thank you, Coaches