July homework question

Dear Coaches
Could you please provide some feedback on my models? I did not follow through on my plans to work outside yesterday because of the weather (or at least my thoughts about the weather), which I think I’d like to reframe as adjusting to the circumstances to take care of myself. It’s interesting because this seems to be a subtle yet pervasive pattern – not following through, letting myself off the hook, saying it’s self care, and kind of beating myself up for not following through. I end up with mixed feelings and I want to understand how best to handle it.

C: 90 degrees out, 80% humidity yesterday
T: it’s too hot to follow thru on my plans to work outside today
F: should this be the feeling on not following through at the time (relief of discomfort) – or the feeling now on not following through (disappointed)?
A: delay plans, spend day relaxing, reading, crocheting, swimming, napping, and I beat myself up for not following through no matter what
R: I didn’t follow through on my plan

C: same
T: I adjusted my plan to care for myself based on the circumstances
F: Accepting of reality
A: same? Except not beating myself up.
R: ?