July HW Question – Follow Up

Your response:

“Take the day – whatever happened – and look for what was good.
Your toddler peed on your new rug.
What’s great about that? How was it perfect?
Let your brain go to work on that.
So good.”

So that was a mind bending question! After the initial “I don’t know” – here’s what I came up with to answer your question: What’s great about that? How was it perfect?

– My toddler peeing on my brand new rug was great because it gives me a chance to work on myself. I’m not in control of everything he does, I am however in control of what I choose to think and make it mean.
– It’s great because it gives me an opportunity to just be light about it. He peed on the rug and that’s okay. I cleaned it up. It took 5 minutes and was done. Rug cleaner is great!
– I’m working on not sweating the small stuff. What a great opportunity to put that thought in action.

I wanted to check back in to make sure I’m doing the work correctly. Any other feedback? Thank you!