July HW Question – What could have happened vs what actually did…

On Question #2 when you write how you can change your mind about something and make it great… Am I taking what was not great and changing what happened or somehow believing that what DID happen was great?

For example, my Intentional Model was this:

C toddler peed on the new rug
T He needs me to be a calm and confident leader; I’ve got this.
F secure & unwavering
A Clean up rug
R Avoid being angry + snappy, move on with our day

But – that’s not what actually happened – that’s what I COULD (Should?) have done. Should I somehow create an intentional model + Story based on what did happen? I snapped at him, got irritated, he had a tantrum… etc. If so, how can I turn into snapping at him, being angry into a “great” thing?

Thanks for clarifying!