July Modelthon – Oz

What a spectacularly outstanding Modelthon Brooke!
I have been very committed to my work in SCS for 6 months. My life has change in miraculous ways. All my hard work and big efforts have been so very worth it. And, the Modelthon took it all for me to another level and depth. There was so much that I saw and understood through the coaching you gave me and the other participants. There is something very special about doing this work deeply and consistently for 6 months and then getting to delve into it for a full day live with you and VIPs and Diamonds. So awesome! My mind is officially blown! 😉 So inspired to live my life from the future and the endless opportunities and possibilities it offers and create a badass new identity by choice. This was my first Modelthon but certainly not my last!!
Sending appreciation, love and hugs to you and your team!!