July work is paying off

Hi Brooke – it has been amazing to be home with my parents and not feel like a kid as I usually do during these rare visits. There is so much more freedom in my brain… which translates to no negative feelings around them or what they do. Of course they have NOT changed. It’s my brain that has.

Also, I am fascinatingly observing their behaviors around food… and the reasons that I have the same fixed beliefs and patterns. I have been able to say no (not 100%) when food is practically being fed into my mouth (at all hours of the day). I don’t get mad at them for things that I don’t agree with. I am just watching, and acknowledging that to them, food is love.

It’s fascinating!

You are fascinating.

I am fascinating.

We are all fascinating, Brooke!

Also, Sam, my little ultra ego is pretty much kicking ass. She’s like… “Whoa, what is going on here?!”

Thank you.