Jumping to conclusions pt 2

Reading your answer below I guess what I mean is I usually assume that people are not telling the truth or they are deceiving me somehow. I am so good at this, you would think that I would win a prize if I figure out that I am being deceived before they can do it more. Like I am some kind of PI for deception.

For example, if a friend says she didn’t see my call, I don’t believe that, I think she didn’t want to call and then I think there is something wrong with me. Or if my boyfriend said he fell asleep and didn’t call me , I assume its another woman there, and so he is deceiving me and I am not worthy of his love. Or if a friend is not asking to hang out, I assume its something they don’t like about me instead of thinking just that they are busy. It seems I just to conclusions that are self defeating and negative more than not.

I see it is repeated behavior and very victim centered but I don’t know what to do about it. I am doing so many models and thought downloads already.


Previous Answer:
Hi Scholar, with the information provided, it’s difficult to understand what is really going on here. But you could dig deeper by filling out a model. Start by identifying a time that this happened and find out what your thoughts are creating. From there, it will be easier to figure out what resources apply in the SCS Vault.

C: (Identify the facts of a time when you jumped to a conclusion.)
T: (What was the story you told yourself that created fear in this C?)
F: Fear
A: Jump to conclusions/protect myself
R: (You’ll figure out what the result of your actions are here once you know what else you do or don’t do in your A line.)