Just a thank you

In doing the dares of the day, I am realizing some common themes for my thoughts and feelings. I have been making myself do things where I initially am worried what others will think of me. I can’t believe how much value I had been putting into what others think of me. The other theme seems to be that I don’t feel worthy enough to go after things that I want (like my fear of rejection because it will verify that I am unworthy). I can’t believe how much of my self worth is dependent on circumstances out of my control.

It has demonstrated to me (although I’ve heard you say it time and time again) that my feelings of self worth and confidence comes from my own thoughts and I can’t depend on others for that.

This week, I am finding myself doing things naturally that would have been a dare just a week ago (like I can count at least 6 things that I’ve done today that I wouldn’t have done a week ago). Thank you for having this program (which is an affordable price and time commitment for me), so I can do this work. It has changed my life.