Just checkin’ In

with an update

I joined in late February with an entire life to turn around.
A lot of new thoughts, new stories, new optimism, new dreams.
Using SCS and CTFAR,
I have created very useful thoughts for myself- with the purpose “I make good things happen- no matter where, when, who or what”
I have a little song in my head- “ I make good things happen, in every way, moment by moment, day by day”
Which has led me to bring the best version of myself every moment
Loving everyone and everything
Loving myself
Unconditional positive regard
Learning to think creatively and powerfully
As I mentioned, I help myself a lot by recording thoughts into my phone and listening to them- when I need to feel extra support
And recently I’ve gotten more spiritual for myself– so I kicked it up a notch to say
“I am a deliberate creator”
And I love my conscious mind, my subconscious mind and my universal mind (collectively Mind- where all the creation happens- this image works for me)
This past 7 days, I have had momentary food cravings when feeling down, and actually could not imagine how eating would make anything feel better- could not imagine the ice cream making me “feel” better. (I have lost 15 pounds, another 55 to go)
I’ve also “taken score” of my work life and my relationships, and since I have high expectations and high hopes, I have been feeling down about some outcomes- so I let myself know, its OK, if the best outcome is a 10, and I am now at a 4, all I need to do is set out some new results and figure out how the thoughts required to grow them…
My best version of my self can do anything ‘coz I make good things happen.
I think I may be on my way
Love you Brooke, and I really respect all the amazing effort you’ve put into everything
You possibly don’t get all the feedback from SCS-ers busy at work changing their lives.
It really helps listening to you coach and reading Ask Brooke