Just a comment or 5

Brooke, I am obsessed with this program and a little with you if I’m being totally honest:). I signed up for this program initially b/c you were on my vision board from a year ago (in the words of the masterful T.R. – find a mentor and do what they do). I wanted to see your biz from the client perspective. Your coaching of me a week ago has unlocked the next door for me as a human and a biz owner. Your over delivery feels so aligned with my own vision and has been amazing inspiration and motivation for what is possible. YOU are a good guy. I am a self admitted stalker girl but I swear not in a pedestal syndrome creepy way. I just really appreciate you and SCS. It IS blowing my mind (to use your words) and now propelling me forward to create a life that blows my own damn mind. So awesome.