Just getting through life.

I’m brand new to scholars and the model and I’d love some help with my first model. I own a $300k business, have two kids and a great marriage. I work about 25 hours a week. It’s my dream life that I’ve created from the ground up. I truly wouldn’t change it. The thought (T) has come to my awareness that I’m just getting through life. I often think “once I finish this, then I can_____.” Or, “if I can just make it to the weekend, then I can relax.” “Once I get the kids to school I can focus…” “Once I finish the meeting, I can finish that project…”

The weekend comes and I find myself thinking that I just gotta get through the weekend. I even go so far as to think “when my kids are in college, then I will have time to _____” – they’re in elementary school so we have a ways to go 😉

It’s also occurred to me that I may just be whining and if you think so too, tell me to shape up!

Also worth noting…I’m following the Monday Hour One process which was eye opening at how many things I had on my list. I ended up filling up an entire months worth of tasks because they all couldn’t fit in my week (which was helpful to see).

So here’s the model I made and would love some feedback.

C: I have tasks to complete and deadlines to meet.
T: I just gotta get through (this task/week/meeting) and then life will be “better/more relaxed/quiet”
F: Burned out (or) constantly doing and never really “being”
A: Extended periods of pre-frontal cortex/focused work.
R: I don’t feel excited about doing the work for my clients (I dread it). I resent/drag through the tasks around the house (laundry, cooking, etc). Can get real snippy with my kids when they don’t listen. I see myself as that woman who is always exhausted (which is so lame, but also how I feel on the inside.) I try really hard not to convey that attitude on the outside (because I don’t want to be a whiner).

Any feedback on the model or the issue itself would be appreciated. Or if there’s a podcast episode you’d recommend, that would be great too. Thank you for all you do and for your help!