‘Just grabbing food’

I am noticing an eating pattern I have and am working on changing.

C: Schedule for the afternoon
T: I’m so afraid of trying this work
F: fear
A: eat a bar and peanuts that aren’t on plan, get frustrated with myself, don’t work on my business, don’t make a plan
R: I don’t start on anything and stay stuck in an undesired pattern

I don’t know where to start: confusion
I’m going to look like an idiot: embarassed
This is too much: overwhelmed
I’m not cut out for this: ashamed

This is not a new pattern and I do think that this is what I do instead of taking action in my business, try anything that would move me forward/put myself out there. I feel like the food is in my mouth before I even give myself a chance to say no. It’s like the undesired habit just happens and it’s over before I realize it – and it’s more familiar to deal with than all the stories above. I feel so much resistance when the emotions come up and I’m allowing it to keep me stuck instead of moving forward in my business/life. I will do so many other things (laundry, errands etc.) that all might need to get done but have nothing to do with creating value and putting myself out there. It’s a big ole’ feel bad and I really want to break this habit.