Just have to share this

In my medical practice I saw this new patient (let’s call her Jewel) for the first time. She is dealing with injuries from a Motor Vehicle Collision. As we were wrapping up her visit I asked my typical question, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” To which she replied, “Do you have any suggestions for dealing with anxiety?” She was afraid to drive and compensating by either not driving or having her boyfriend on the phone as she drove (nervously). Over the next 15 minutes we walked through her current approach to driving (unintentional model) and then created an intentional model. The anxiety visibly lifted, as she talked through her new model. Fast forward to her follow-up visit yesterday. She practically bounced into the exam room. When I asked her how she was doing she said, “I am great, everything is good”. When I pressed her on how the driving was going, she stated enthusiastically, “I’m back. It’s all good”. She is driving without anxiety or an open phone line. This is the second patient I have had the opportunity to coach through the model. Too often medicine helps maintain a status quo (vs cure) for patients. That is one reason I love coaching people with the model, because they can experience real transformation with a tool that can be used over and over. Thank you for the ripple effect The Life Coach School is having in a distant town in Georgia. #modelon #grateful