Just me asking Intentional VS Unintentional

For example the word Concerned or just about any other word in the feeling line.

Could we be concerned in F line because we are concerned then we do an intentional model?

I think that I did not grasp the Unintentional Model.

I think that I understand the intentional model. = I decide that I want to achieve R that is measured and evident. We are saying that it is the way that I think about C that causes me to feel F. The action that I could take is to Renew my mind A. C is x but it could be true that it is my perspective that makes C to be x. First I be correct about C. Having accurate C. How do I feel? What is the result of this F? The result is R. Is this R a desired end? Or is this R a new C? This means that if I am sitting at a place of desired C then I would not need to work a model for that is OK. It is not broke. Do not fix it. If we cannot fix it it is not broken.

The intentional model is saying do the next thing next. We are taking care of things. This means that we are going through. Each next thing is the C line. How do I feel about this = T. The intentional model would do the Year of Doing the Impossible. I spent hours working on the next thing next then arrive at an unexpected and undesired end. This becomes a new C where I did not want to be. This bunny trail C becomes an Unintentional Model. I understand the C line of unintentional model (I think) Fact is that the end result of grasping either intentional or unintentional models is that I am consistently having the R that I want in life and building the life that I want. What is it that I want? My intentional C line could be to sheepishly acknowledge that I really do not know what I want. Then A line could be to state clearly what I want. T line would think how to go about finding out what I want. F line could be scared enough that I do not really know what I want so that animates me to do something real soon. R line would begin to demonstrate the life that I want.

Learning is action. Doing this rambling here is my A line. This means for any model A line could just simply be go do a Thought Download. Actually, we could do thought download for any line. That makes sense to me. I still do not feel that I grasp what is unintentional model