Just me Practicing moving from Victim to autonomy

My history and victimhood is part of the toolbox

God provided me an opportunity – God kept me- God completes what God started – i pray and walked with God i knew that i pray and walked with God. God kept me. There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus who walk in the Spirit. i am responsible to God. I stand or fall before God.

Unintentional Model
C line i know for a fact that they told James to have nothing to do with me.
T line God knows this as well because God knows their secrets
F line before SCS shamed marked framed set up to be condemned
A line Specific Prayer to God All of God’s might and power all of God’s laws are self enforcing.
R line My Calm and Steady yes i am still here because i am no vagabond

Intentional Model
C line X said that my husband has nothing to do with the student’s loan
T line Thank God that X came out to say this because i knew this all along. It is in the light now. This is brought to attention in order to deal with it once for all.
F line Huge relief over this specific point.
A line Divine Reversal – All the might and Power of God upon my life and all of my affairs. i just stand to acknowledge that this …
R line (what do i want to happen ? First SCS helps me to accept life as it is. i cannot say that i did that in the past i was always looking for resolution. First then accept before trying to change. i want to clear my name.

That is dangerous because they sit there and can only be a destructive snare to people’s lives. This figures the things that resulted in History. Strong negative feelings to learn that people are that way. This means that i did not show up with wisdom. I can recover grounds now. Pull myself together learn to do well. God delivers me from the snare of the fowler.