Just My T line Relax!!! #2

There is the heart intent that I do not just only want to change behavior and modify and moderate life. I am truly all in seeking life transformation.

I am getting there. It was worth every step of the way. It is a valuable life. It is a good life. It is a worthy toolbox. Some people are deaf they cannot hear. Some people are blind they cannot see. Some people cannot read. Some people cannot write. I am not one of those people. I got more than my fair share in life. I have a role to play. I have my responsibilities to do. Thank you SCS for showing the bird that the cage was open all along. There has been no cage all along.

I will be gentle in my take-off. And it is also true that some people need the wind I break to give their kites the sail. This statement feels liberating. I smiled. I am gone to break wind when I break wind. Kick up dust when I kick up dust kind gentle and true always. Thank God for other people. I love them dearly. They also have to put up with me and all of my rumpusing.

Unintentional Model

C: Other people have to put up with all the pain that I caused
T: We help each other to feel pain deep inside the soul.
F: How do I really really feel? How do I really really feel? not relaxed right now. There is something there that needs transformation.
A: learning, studying, mastering, refining, aspiring, consolidating, receiving, giving, outpouring
R: This is what helps us grow