Just started Scholars–I am here procrastinating on a work assignment

Hi, I just started scholars, I’m excited and hopeful, and at the same time afraid it isn’t going to work for me. That said I have had amazing breakthroughs already using the model with my year-long obsession with a man who rejected me. Which blows my mind. I was afraid I’d be stuck in obsession and longing forever. I still go back to it–i guess it will take time to rewire those pathways in my brain. I guess solution is to just keep doing the model with each negative thought.

Anyway, right now, I NEED to work on a project. I am doing the usual procrastination. I listened to your podcast about procrastination. I love the idea of working as fast as possible and doing 80% of the work as quickly as possible, and just getting it done. to B minus level. then having the luxury of time to finesse it. Well, once again I don’t really have this luxury because I have left it until last minute. I have such insane fear and actually almost fall asleep when I try to sit down to work. It’s always been this way, and I want to change it so badly.

The model currently looks like : CIRCUMSTANCE: I have a project due on Monday. THOUGHT: I’ll never get this done, this design is going to suck and the client will be displeased/disappointed/annoyed FEELING: fear, confusion, exhausted,nervous, exasperated, overwhelmed result: I am depleted, designs are not as good as they could be, and the client is annoyed and disappointed

I want the model to be: CIRCUMSTANCE: I have a project due on Monday. THOUGHT: I am amazing at what I do, I love doing it, and can’t wait to see what creative designs come out of me. FEELING: Excited, confident, curious, energetic, joy, enlivened, open, centered. RESULT: The design is great (I have overdelivered) and The client is grateful and pleased. ANd I am serene and thrilled.

I feel better when I write the revised model, but still– the FEAR and desire to sleep are intense. I don’t quite believe that THOUGHT: I am amazing at what I do and I love what I do and can’t wait to see what designs I come up with. Any thoughts? THANK YOU!

excited for my life to change, and looking forward to learning more! PS I have listened to/read all of the teachers you mention in Self Coaching 101 (except Tony Robbins) but somehow the model has helped a bit more than Byron Katie’s THE WORK–even though it is similar. So thank you!!!

I am making the decision to really do this. Please help on the procrastination if you can.