Just wanted to share this with you (journal/notes cover)

I went to Barnes and Noble looking for a cool notebook to record notes i make (statements you make to call participants that really standout to me…quotes from you) and i happened to find this one. It makes me happy just to see it each day! On the cover it says:

Im kind of AWESOME! A journal to celebrate the glory that is me, myself, and i, because really, what is there to lose not only by believing in myself but by taking that next little teeny tiny step to spread my plumage and express the full force of my fabulousness, including all the things I’m still improving, because I’m so awesome that I actually work on myself, and I can sing it loud to haters and lovers alike that there is no downside to acknowledging how truly amazing I am, because we are going to all be dead soon anyway, so why waste time feeling anything other than deliciously great?

The journal is called “I’m Kind of Awesome-An Inner Truth Journal” by KnockKnock and is turquoise in color.

When i spotted the journal, i thought, “this is perfect!!!! So something Brooke would say, too!!!” It makes me happy just to pull it out and see the cover each day. Already have 3 pages of notes in it. By the way, just so you know that I pay attention…I think if you had written the cover, at the very end of the statement, you would have put (life is going to suck 50 percent of the time, and it’s okay. I’ve got this!!!!). Haha! But, true!!!!!!

My purpose for August is: “to be an example of what is possible in relationships…with myself and others” I had been following your podcast a lot in 2017 and joined self coaching scholars in January, 2018, so I’m a VIP now. I so look forward to your box arriving each month. I share a lot about the model with family and friends and gave my copy of the book on the model to a good friend who is also passing it along. Now i need to get another one! Lol. I now have one friend listening to your free podcasts and another thinking of joining at some point. “adults get to do whatever they want” has helped me with how i think about a couple of family members’ actions so thank you and also the phrase you use “I’m responsible for my own happiness, not someone else.”

Really enjoying my journey with Self Coaching Scholars! My thinking for joining was: “Ive invested in my two sons’ education for years….now I’m going to invest in me.” I’m 63 and don’t work, have an amazing husband and live in a small town called Poulsbo, WA, about a 30 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. Raised in FL but lived 18 years in Houston, too. My older son is a Mech Engineer with ExxonMobil so i go back to Houston from time to time which is great. Thanks for deciding to become a life coach! This has been one of the best things Ive done for myself…self coaching scholars! ❤️😃