Keep Changing My Mind

I am a writer and am working on a novel for the past year along with a coach.

What I found is that I had an original idea of the story I wanted to tell and my coach suggested along the way that I will change the story to something else that I felt less connected to.

As a result, I’ve been stalling with completing the proposal because I often find myself stuck and not connected to the new idea.

When I expressed this to her, she told me that she suggests that I will go with my heart and do this:
Write one proposal for my original idea AND write another outline for the new idea, which she thinks has greater commercial chance.

Even though I love the challenge and will actually do it, even if it means extra work, I was wondering how do we know if changing our minds comes from a deep sense of intuition or just because the brain seeks a relief from doing something hard?

I know Brooke mentions that many coaches want to change their niches along the way.
As a writer, I feel perhaps it’s different because as a writer I do feel I should have a strong connection to what I’m writing about.
It will still be an effort to write the proposal for my original idea so it’s not like I am giving my brain a way out.

Thank you.