I keep realizing things that I do!

I have been in SCS for several months and just today realized what I do to myself. Anytime I meet a goal or follow through on something, the voice in my head says something negative. It is subtle enough that I didn’t even realize that I was thinking it. Anytime I make progress, I have some digression which is probably because of this negative thinking. In my whole life, I have had this pattern where I feel like I move toward a goal and then take steps backward. I set the goal at work today to get 8 assessments done. I completed it with time to spare and spent the rest of my day feeling like I should have done 9 or 10!

C: Goal achieved
T: Pick any of theses: “Well you should have set your goal a little higher.” or “If you would have worked harder, you could have lost more weight” or “That’s really not a big deal because people do more all the time.”
F: Not good enough
A: Self sabotage … overeating, procrastinating
R: Not reaching my goals.

It is kind of crazy to me that I haven’t been aware that I was thinking these thoughts! I have a new focus each day of changing around any of my thinking about how I was “not good enough.”