Keep Waiting to Feel

I decided on a September goal of running three days per week and so far haven’t met it once. My negative old belief is that I am not good at sports, I come from a lazy family, no one I grew up with had ever exerted energy more than needed, etc.
I decided to change it to the state of mind that you are offering in your book, that instead of expecting to GET something out of it, treat it as a GIVING gesture. Now, what I created is that uncomfortable era where I still hold onto the old beliefs and not fully yet the new beliefs.
I keep running models and trying to change the thoughts and looking at my chest to almost see if it makes my solar plexus approves and gets hyped about it. When it doesn’t and it says, ‘No, we’re good just sitting here, no running needed…’ then I keep trying to change models so that I will FEEL like it to run.

Should I just keep doing models and wait for the right feel to come or will the Feel come after I will go for a run? It’s a bit confusing to me…