Why do I keep wavering on coaching business?

I have been talking about becoming a health/life coach for the past 3 years. I keep going back and forth. Have been to two different schools and am now doing your scholars program. A few months ago I was determined to make it happen, especially after learning so much from your work. I knew this is what I wanted. I was pumped. So many people kept telling me I was so good at it and that I NEED to be a coach. Why, then, today am I back to not wanting to do it. I’m so close. I did all of your how to become a life coach podcasts. Got my website almost done. Business cards made. Told everybody. And just finished my 8 week session program that I will offer. Now I’m having the same feelings like I want to do something else. When I think about sitting on the phone coaching other women all day from my home office it almost repulses me. It sounds so boring. And I don’t want to do all the marketing that it takes, (Facebook, advertising, social media, etc.) I feel exhausted, unenthused and let down when I think about all of this. And this really has me down. I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I keep questioning if I’m lazy…or maybe this isn’t what I really want to do. Really need coaching around this. I need to do something for me. That is a for sure. My daughter is in school all day. I’m getting lonely being home all day by myself. And we need extra money. I don’t want to work outside of the home because I need to be available for my daughter but I like the thought of interacting with others on a regular basis and getting up in the morning feeling like I have a purpose and am accomplishing something. Why the heck can’t I feel like that with my own coaching business?