Keeping Commitments to myself-follow up

HI Brooke,
As always, I find great nuggets of info in AB. This week someone posted “Keeping Commitments to myself” and it all rang exactly true to me too, so I thought I would also follow up with what you suggested…”The answer to your question ‘Why don’t I keep commitments to myself?’ will tell you what you are thinking about yourself that’s giving you this result.
Once you find the thought causing the problem, you will have a better idea of what thought would remedy it.
Post your model of what you find here if you need more coaching.”
Here are my answers:
-I want the pleasure/dopamine hit the treat/glass of wine provides
-at night I sometimes want a distraction or something to do because I feel bored.
-I’m eating at a restaurant and want to enjoy something different than my usual food
-I like a beer when eating Mexican food (definitely an ingrained habit)
-I want to relax at the end of the day and this is how I do it
-I feel restless and eating/drinking gives me something to do

I also realized a few other things in my TDs. I don’t schedule my time in the evening (I have 3 kids so I tend to just focus on dinner, homework, routine etc). I can strongly say that I am someone who keeps almost 100% of commitments to other people (I wouldn’t cancel on someone after making plans) and prior to SCS I would be bothered if other people did do that. But as you can see I don’t stick to my protocol 100% (coffee w cream for breakfast, big lunch with protein and veggies, and dinner with the same). I’m wondering why I can be disciplined about keeping commitments to others but not to myself. I enjoy the things I do with others, but even if it was something I didn’t enjoy, I would still keep the commitment. Something about the dopamine from food/alcohol that is more appealing?
Thank you for sharing your wisdom!