Keeping Commitments to myself

I have unhappily realized through this work that I keep to everyone and everything important in my life except to myself. I have been working on a model for this today with my protocol.

C: Protocol
T: I don’t keep commitments to myself
F: discouraged, hopeless, out of control
A: mindless eating
R: Don’t keep my commitment to follow protocol,

C: Protocol
I tried to put “I keep every commitment I make to myself” in the thought line, but I didn’t believe it. So I changed it to:
T: I work hard to keep every commitment I make to myself
F: empowered, hopeful, strong
A: Eat on protocol, resist bites, licks, tastes, remind myself its okay to be hungry, enjoy dining in.
R: Every time I choose to keep a commitment to myself I get stronger in keeping them, and it eventually won’t be an issue for me anymore.

The problem is I feel like “work hard to keep every commitment” is me giving myself an out that I’m going to jump on whenever I can. I want to get to the “I keep every commitment I make to myself” in the T line. Is this where bridge thoughts would be helpful, and what suggestions do you have for what those might look like?

Thank you!