Keeping commitments


I would like some help on keeping commitments. I did an unintentional model and need help on trying an intentional model or maybe not. Maybe I am trying to thought swap?

Unintentional Model

C: commitments
T: I’m not good at sticking to my commitments
F: ashamed, disappointed and sad
A: doubt and mistrust myself, feel overwhelmed whenever something comes up, don’t acknowledge any commitments that I have actually kept, overcommit to things to prove that I can keep commitments, try not to make any commitments
R: doubt everything I set out to do because I don’t think I can keep the commitment, strengthen the belief that I can’t keep commitments, avoiding commitment, not keeping commitments, feel anxious or scared about commitments, spin in negativity about keeping commitments

I have tried to think that I don’t have to do anything but that I set the commitments because I want to do them but that thought feels more painful because I feel like I’m standing in the way of doing things that I really want to do. I would like feedback on my model and how I can move forward