Keeping food simple – daily salads and what to put in them!

Hi Brooke, I am interested to know (if you don’t mind sharing) what you put in your two daily salads in order to get a full range of nutrients and also to fill you up? Or perhaps what you used to eat when you first set out on the journey of removing the desire from food. That is exactly where i’m at. I have WAY too much desire for food and take too much enjoyment from it. I heard on one of the Stop OE videos that you have approx 4oz of protein and 3 tbs fat but was wondering about the rest of the salad? Just leaves or do you add in potatoes for example? I suspect you will say anything veg is ok and it depends on your preferences / taste so i’m looking for ideas more than a prescribed protocol and I’m really trying to keep it plain, simple and repetitive whilst filling up and getting the nutrients. I have a tendency to get all carried away and keep adding all sorts of things like seeds and sprinkles, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers etc..