Keeping My Power

The famous Wonder Woman stand reminds me how quickly we can stand in strong poses of confidence and how easy it is to lose it.

As I manage my thoughts daily I look for ways to keep my power strong. But there are days where the so called in Christian terms “armor of God” just won’t stick and one is weakened as you walk in the 50/50 of life.

I get that we can see circumstances as ways we can keep power in most situations but some people are better than others at this.
I am hungry to learn, observe and understand it. Not to misuse it or become a badass bitch with it.

But rather acknowledge that as a woman I seem to generally give my power away easily as I overshare, people please, self sacrifice and live up to some of our society expectations.

To do the opposite takes intentional programming! Number one reason I am in scholars, right?

One common model I have is…

C: I overshare and lose my power thru the story I tell
T: I share too much information
F: Worried
A: I get exposed to more criticism, words get used against me, comes back to bite me
R: I lose power

1. What can I do to build strong ammunition to gear up and keep my power strong against someone that may be taking me away from my power? My GROUNDING . My center. My core?

2. What replays in scholars have specifically discussed this topic? Can you recommend time and date.

3. Has any question in ask a coach ever mentioned “power” and the idea of being “grounded” searching the vault leads me to courses on “confidence”

4. I am looking for certified coaches that work on “meditation” what life school coaches do you recommend that are doing this type of curriculum?