Keeping in my protocol while following hunger cues

Hi Brooke and Team!
I started on my protocol yesterday, with flour and sugar eliminated and no snacks. I am doing a 16/8 intermittent fast. Yesterday went well and I was pumped to start today. I had my ‘brunch’ at 11 this morning, so a bowl of oats and a tuna salad and was planning on eating an omelette with salad around about now to keep me within my 8 hour Frame (I’m in Europe). Problem is I’m not hungry now. I don’t think I will make it un-hungry through the evening though with another 6 hours or so to go, So, should I eat, ignoring the lack of hunger cue and staying in the protocol ranges or not ? And if I don’t, would it be advisable to eat something small later when I am actually hungry or better to tough it out until the morning?
Any advice really appreciated!