Keeping time commitments when circumstances are changing.

Hey Brooke! I am new to self coaching scholars and what a month to start! Feeling like time is scarce is one of my biggest struggles.

All my C’s: I am a mother of two young kids. I have an amazing husband and a flourishing career as well.

Last summer, I made the commitment to wake up an hour and a half before my kids/husband, so I would be able to have quiet time for myself and work out. For the most part, I have honored that commitment. You had the small children not too long ago and know how those circumstances can be challenging. Example: my two year old was up in the middle of the night puking when she had a stomach virus. Between clean up and comforting/caring for her, my husband and I were up off and on for 3 hours. I did not keep my commitment to myself that following morning by waking up early because I was so exhausted. It seems to happen a few times each month that there are circumstances that I allow to interfere with honoring commitments to myself. After it happens, I find myself with a lot of negative thoughts about my (lack of) ability to commit to myself and then find myself under-committing to my self care to allow for those potential circumstances which isn’t helping me either!