Are Kefir smoothies ok when trying to lose weight?

I have just learned recently about the benefits of kefir from a woman who lost 40 pounds this year by populating her gut with healthy probiotics. I make my own kefir and add whey protein powder and berries and spinach and kale. I drink about 2 cups of this after 12-16 hours fasting. Is this going to help or hinder my weight loss? I’ve lost 43 pounds this year also and would like to lose 30 more. I went off processed foods, sugar, and potatoes. I have been at a plateau for 8 weeks with no weight loss. I also started coffee enemas 8 weeks ago to reduce some suspicious breast lumps and that has significantly shrunk the lumps. Do you think one or both of these things I’m doing: kefir and coffee enemas – is causing my plateau? Can’t tell you how much I love you and the gratitude I feel for your work!!