I have been doing Keto to because I wanted to see if the concept of high fat low carb would work for me. I have done extensive research on the subject and love the concept behind it. As I am transitioning over, I feel myself overeating the Keto foods because I feel that other foods are off limits or not allowed. My prefrontal cortex of course knows this is BS and I am choosing it. I also like my reasons for choosing it. I am wondering if I could get some coaching around two pieces—curious as to why my health is not a motivating factor. In the moment when I think of that I am doing this for GI relief and better energy, my brain is like “blah”. I also have this thought that I shouldn’t have to do the work. Like I am somehow entitled to not work at changing my thoughts and eating habits around food because I exercise. Almost like if I exercise, then Keto is optional even though my dream come true life is to rework my relationship to food. Thank you in advance. Xo