Keto vs no sugar no flour

Hello Brooke! I am really conflicted :/ ..I have studied Dr. Berg’s teachings about the ketogenic diet and while he also advises to eat tons of veggies (10 cups a day) him and all keto teachings advise little to no carbs (20 grams or less of net carbs per day). I have heard you more than once say you dont have a problem with carbs like potatoes pineapples some rice ect…The keto diet suggests that eating carbs plus fats will not promote weight gain. For example – I am afraid if I eat healthy fats veggies protiens all day but have pineapple at night it would kick me out of keto and then all the food i ate will be stored as fat bc now i have carbs in my body. I know your teachings are based off research so I was wondering what your thoughts are on this and where I can research some of these teachings too.
Thank you!