Kids and money models

I did 2 models today and need help with processing both please.
Situation1- My kids talk and bond a lot with me at bedtime but many days I am exhausted and even fearful to do this because i feel like i dont have the energy to be fully mentally present with them as they share their day.
C- Kids bedtime
T- I am inconsistent with tucking them in and losing the chance to bond with them as they grow older.
F- Guilt
A- Snap at them around bedtime, then use that as a reason to not engage with them
R- Lose precious bonding opportunity
T- I have comitted to showing up with love in all my relationships all of the time and i always honor this because it makes me feel love.
F- love
A- bond with kids at bedtime
R- have a loving relationship with kids
Situation 2- Money
We have enough money but I have this fear
C- Money
T- Im worried that something will happen and it will all be gone or taken away
F- Extreme fear
A- Be stingy with expenses, buy cheap poor quality stuff, worry and ruminate about how losing our money would be so unfair given how hard we work etc etc
R- Scarcity and deprivation feeling that leads to me experiencing a sub optimal life

For this model I cant even begin an intentional thought because of the fear that even thinking those thoughts will decrease our money because that is audacious. Please help.