Kids and Sensitivity to Noise

Looking for help with these models. There’s a book called “The Highly Sensitive Person”, which I REALLY identified with once I became a parent. I spent the first few years of parenthood telling myself that because I’m highly sensitive, noise overwhelms me easily, and this is why I feel so irritated and drained after spending a lot of time with my kids. I believed that I need a lot of breaks and time alone to recharge, but since finding Scholars I’ve learned that these thoughts aren’t helping me at all. Working on changing them, but I find myself getting stuck on the R line.

C: Kids both talking to me at the same time
T: I am a “highly sensitive person” which makes me particularly overwhelmed by noise
F: irritated
A: get increasingly short with kids, ruminate on how irritated/overwhelmed I am, miss opportunities to connect with kids, retreat to my room the first chance I get
R: I overwhelm myself?

C: both kids are talking to me at the same time
T: I love these kids and their enthusiasm
F: connected
A: Enjoy what they’re saying/spending this time with them, ruminate on how creative and fun they are, be present and fully experience my time with them
R: I get to experience love and enjoy their enthusiasm?

Thank you for your help!