Kids & Death of a Grandparent

My father in law is very sick and may only have days to live. My kids, ages 11 & 13, have always been close with him and have never lost a grandparent or anyone close to them. The tricky part is that he is about 5,000 miles away and my husband and I don’t know what’s best for our family and our kids. Do we all get on a plane to hurry and see my father in law in his last days? We were just there about 5 weeks ago. Or, does my husband go alone to spend time with his family and then we join him for an imminent funeral? My kids and I have work and school schedules to take into consideration, so we would only be able to go once (not once now, and then back again for a funeral.) I also think it may be best for them to have good memories of their grandfather (from August) and not have their last memories of him dying in a hospital bed. How do we know what’s best for the kids and our family?