Kid’s energy

Hi Brooke, I know there’s no wagon, but I definitely keep falling off the unicycle. 🙂
Ok, last night I went off my protocol. I spent the afternoon driving kids around to activities, lugging my two year old along to everything. By the end of this day on a weekly basis, I’m spent. I have always thought that the kids energy, the kids talking, the touching, etc is all too much. I say often that its too much stimulus, I need less. The result is that I want to drink wine to dull all the stimulus coming at me. Of course, the cycle then perpetuates because I don’t sleep well, resulting in more irritability, more exhaustion, etc. I need help with this because obviously the crazy kids are the circumstance, but the irritability, my response to the stimulus feels like a physical response. I feel like I’m in my head going crazy with all the kid activity around me. I’m sensitive to noise as well, which I realize is a thought but truly, it hurts my ears. What do you do with physical responses in your body that contribute to your feelings? Like the feeling of physical exhaustion…in the moment I can’t change it. Of course a nap would help, but not always feasible, like when I’m at work or taking care of the kids. That exhaustion then seems to perpetuate these other issues, like overeating to stay awake.

Here’s my unintentional model:
C: Kids energy, constant stimulus
T: They never stop, its too much
F: agitated, irritable, soo tired
A: drink wine to dull the noise
R: lack of sleep, more exhaustion

Since my kids won’t change, they’re just being kids…how to change my thinking around this so I don’t feel crazy? Or how to handle physical symptoms that contribute to feelings? Is being tired even a feeling or is it a circumstance? Sooo many questions surrounding this for me.