Kids’ homework model

Hi Brooke,
I need some help with a model regarding the kids’ homework. They are 6 and 8, and have a bit of homework, the school is not very strict on this. I’m not proactive in taking out their homework and sitting down to do it with them. I do remind them and ask if they wanted to do their homework. They say no, then that’s the end of it. I simply don’t want to, and when I was their age, I was already totally self-reliant in this area. But I still sometimes feel a bit of doubt and guilt.
C: The kids have homework
T: I can’t be bothered to do homework with them. (or) They can learn to be self-reliant and self-responsible for their own homework.
F: Guilt
A: I don’t sit down to do homework with them and I don’t force them to do homework.
R: (isn’t result the same as the action?)

When it comes to intentional model, I just want to get rid of the guilty feeling altogether, and also the bit of lingering fear of how teachers would judge me as a parent. I’m happy with the result or action of not forcing the homework and do anything more than simply remind them and let them choose.

What do you suggest? What would be a thought for my model?