Kids and hubby spaces

I can’t clean their stuff if they don’t want me to- it creates conflict. They wouldn’t appreciate it. Throwing away or giving away stuff without their permission also is inappropriate IMO. I would need their consent and then i have to find a way to convince them to participate. They live the way they do and I need to let them make their choices, right? Isn’t that what you say- adults get to choose who they are and what they do
Kids I could have more influence, but we have some systems and I’ve tried many things.
The work this month is fine for certain areas that are “mine” but the shared spaces are not just mine. I can clean them, and have, but they quickly return to a messy state. I do not want to manage my time to clean them, because I am using my time for other things I love and have a desire to do. I have learned to be more at peace with the house and the phase of “raising kids”
I love the scholars work, but this month it feels like you told us what to do (because you did!). It’s so much better when we choose for ourselves.
C Brooke made a list
T the list doesn’t work for me
A skip program this month (repeat Oct work which was awesome)
F like my coach is bossing me around
R IDK repeating October would be fine, I lost weight and got a lot accomplished with my business too

C Brooke’s list
T I can choose to do the items I want to do. Curious to see what happens
F anxious to commit due to conflicts with others in the home and the time it requires (I started a business last month!)
A clean certain things and let others retain their agency
R part way accomplish the month

This is tough..can you help?