I just joined. I’m from Botswana and resonate so well with how you explain things. Im a qualified Life Coach and have been on my spiritual journey for the last 9 years. The Journey by Brandon Bays, Carolyn Myss have all had a great impact on my well being and health.

I just finished watching you Overeating programme. I have an observation I wish to share: I have two boys, 5 and a 6 year old. I am finding hard to stop flour and sugar for them….. its bizarre…..i have had no problem cutting it out, but I am realising that I am enjoying the flour and sugar through them. I don’t have the heart or the head space to stop them from eating it. I’m finding this to be a challenge and end up with mixed emotions of a failing mom and at the same time justifying that I cannot depruve them. Its rediculous. Another observation is how I use food to coax and control them. “If you go to bed now I will make you pancakes in the morning!”
I’m so much more aware of this happening, but I haven’t come up with a substitute yet….. do you have any ideas?
To be fair, I’m normally quite strict in general, but then have these moments of weakness and almost indulge through them… watching them savour the pancake makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy…… I am essentially using food as a reward system and an emotional high through my kids.
With the new awareness I will try focus on what my underlying feelings are that drive me to do this….. but thought you might be able to shed some light and share any ideas you might have.
Look forward to hearing back from you