I have an issue with my flatmates.
I decided to adopt a kitten, and I spoke with them, and they agreed to help me. She is a small kitten of 6 weeks old, and I don’t want her to be left alone.

Yesterday I had to go out in the morning, and they said they wouldn’t be leaving the house for a long time. I ask them to alert me if they were. I left, and they left, when I reach them on the phone, they couldn’t tell me when they were going to be back. If I had known, I could have found an alternative.

In the end, the kitten was left by herself for more than two hours, she was fine, but I was furious. We argued, and I had to take the kitten to my parent’s home for two days not to be left alone. I feel I can’t trust them anymore.

The model I came up with was:

C: They didn’t let me know they were not coming back
T: They told me they would take the responsibility, but they didn’t
F: Angry
A: Crying, Spinning with thoughts on all the things I should do now, blaming them, thinking I didn’t have to take such a small kitten, feeling guilty to leave her, not thinking clearly, wanting to stop the apartment share
R: I think they can’t be trusted, and I doubt my own choices
maybe I don’t want to take all the responsibility?

The result doesn’t seem so connected with the thought; could you help me with it?
Thank you for your help