Knee pain

I’ve struggled a lot with chronic knee pain that I have. I am an athlete and for the past 10+ years have struggled with intermittent knee pain. Whenever my knee hurts I always struggle with how to think about it. Do I stop working out? Push through? What does this mean? I also get down because I feel like it limits me. I experience so much joy from moving my body and for the past several years I’ve been trying to get back into shape where I can run and do other activities. I love it because it makes me feel joyful and alive when I move my body. But this feels like a limitation that I don’t want and I’m really struggling to find a way to think about it that is more peaceful.

My model:

C: Knee hurts
T: I don’t want this because this limits me
F Resistance
A: Stop working out, obsess about my symptoms, ruminate, don’t enjoy other aspects of my life
R: I limit myself

Please help me find a better way to think about this. Thank you!