How do I know I have reached my 30 Day Goal

My 30 day goal is to stop buffering for 30 days (with food and TV). I am thinking that “Stop Buffering” as a goal is OK even though it involves 2 things. I am stuck on the part “I will know I’m done” when it comes to my TV protocol, other than I will have followed my protocol (no TV unless watching with my son and he has to initiate it – we have shows we watch together). For the food it’s “I will have lost 7 – 10 lbs”, but for TV, should I use some other measurable accomplishment like I will have created 5 new paintings, or read 2 more books on my shelf or ? PS: Doing just the food protocol seems too easy as I have followed a food protocol for health reasons for 2+ years which included no sugar, no grains, etc, but for the past few months I have gone off my protocol – my health improved and I lost my compelling reason and I didn’t care that I was overeating and put on 25+ lbs. Now my compelling reason is that I feel terrible in my body and really want to lose all this weight I let myself gain. Going without TV will definitely be a big challenge but I am afraid if I don’t include a food protocol as well I will buffer with food when I’ve removed TV as a buffer… Doing the 2 together seems like the best way to bring up all my negative thinking / negative emotions… Thoughts? Thanks!