Knowing if ‘tired’ is a circumstance or something else?

So one of my buffering strategies is sleeping too much. I’ve always been able to sleep a lot when I was sick and in recent years I’ve got into a habit of doing it too much and had a lot of freedom to do so.

It didn’t usually stop me sleeping at night – but I know it’s buffering (as per your podcast descriptions). Sometimes I’ve even caught myself wanting a nap to avoid being bored, feeling anxious, feeling lonely etc.

This was especially true last year when I had a bad depression fuelled by grief and anxiety and was generally exhausted / run down and let my well being / fitness decline

But now I’m fitter, going to the gym twice a week since December and walking dog twice a week and since Jan been on IF and no flour / sugar (and steadily losing weight). Until this weekend, I’ve been amazed at how much more energy I’ve had.

Anyway as I’ve been getting my health back on track I’ve begun to get this buffering back under control and not nap on days off, sleep late on weekends etc – max 1 short nap per weekend.

In the last few days I’ve been starting to feel really tired again. And there’s no good external reason eg late nights, illness, extra work, etc

But now I get confused as to if I’m actually tired or not. And if it’s a C, T or an F? For example today I woke up really badly – very sluggish and groggy and wanted to go back to bed. I’ve been slow to wake up all my life…but today felt extra bad. I got up anyway and went to work (a little bit late) but this afternoon I felt really tired and also felt anxious. My thoughts were about challenges at work. But also worrying that I was getting tired again and maybe I would lose control of my situation again.

What do you think? Here are my attempted models with two different ways to treat tired and an attempted intentional model

C slow to wake up this morning
T this isn’t right I’ve had lots more energy recently. maybe this isn’t working. Maybe I can’t change things
F panicked.
A want to go back to sleep
R nap make me groggier


C Monday morning. Wake up.
T gosh stuff to do at work today. A slightly busy rest of the week and a few issues to balance. I’m not sure I can cope with all of this.
F anxious tired. Want to escape / buffer
A escape. Go back to sleep.
R don’t go to work and make any pr.

New model
C Monday morning wake up
T it’s hard to wake up sometimes. I know I’ll feel better once I get up. There’s a bit to be done this week. I’m lucky I have an interesting job and that this new eating plan and exercise is making me more able to deal with it.
F calm. Centred.
A get out bed. Sip coffee. Sing on the way to work.
R feel okay at work