Knowing what I want

I struggle with knowing what I really want. Yes, I know this as a thought it the problem. I’ve applied many models to this and similar thoughts but haven’t been able to make any breakthroughs or headway. I can see where thoughts like these lead me… to avoidance, ambivalence, doubt, second guessing insecurity, etc…
what I haven’t been able to find though Is a thought that is steady enough or has the momentum to propel me forward. Often I feel bogged down or paralyzed by fear.
I’m needing support with moving from fear into action. Is it really just as simple as changing the thought??? When ones nervous system is so reved up it feels like quite a leap that a different thought could be the bridge. In this case would it be more of a series of thoughts? You’ve talked of neutralizing thoughts… perhaps a chain of thoughts to calm myself before motivate or empower?
It’s really such a spectrum of experience. There are times that are easier and times that feel more intense( physically,…sensation wise in the body)
Can you please share your experience with the whole spectrum?