Knowing when to rest vs massive action

I consistently have trouble figuring out when it is time to rest vs when I should be making time for more massive action. For example, I know that I feel better and am healthier when I get up at 6 to work out, work a full day, and then stop working after my daughter comes home in the evening. However, working after she goes to bed would allow more progress in a side hustle. Relatedly, I have a 4-day per week job I really like, am a cofounder in a startup business that doesn’t make money yet but has exit potential and is important to my family, do side projects for $$ and have taken steps to starting an online business (the side hustle referenced above) that doesn’t bring in money yet. I’d like to spend more time on the side hustle but feel like my hours are already taken up with work, life, sleep, etc. I’m having trouble picking apart whether the “feeling” of having the hours taken up is a circumstance or a thought, and whether I should just choose to think something along the lines of: I’m human, there are only so many hours in the day and I should decide to be okay with the fact that I am currently deciding to prioritize my day job, family startup, $ projects, health, and my daughter and therefore right now isn’t the time for the side hustle but could be one day. Or should I just suck it up and make time for the side hustle?

Even just reading the above, I think I should probably just focus on what I can handle while staying healthy, but I keep daydreaming about the side hustle and feeling bad about my inaction with respect to the side hustle. I’d really like to stop those thoughts and feelings. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!