I’m a coach too and I do my mindset work daily. I have old wants, that I guess, were never reconciled so to speak. I had a 12 year illness w/little money, no treatment, and no mindset knowledge then. I had all these wants and desires stack up during that time. Mostly just wanting to afford a basic life, clothes and dental work, but it never happened.

Now I’ve healed and have been working on my mindset for years now. I’d say only just now, at this point, I really have altered my mindset, changed beliefs, healed so much of my psyche, the illness and a thousand underlining things.

I haven’t mended my finances just yet. It had finally started to move in a positive direction, but I’m still at 3000 or less a month, usually much less, so you can understand there are facts of simply not being able to afford clothes and things at this moment.

I want to clean up my mindset around those old wants and narrate my life that I gave myself an adventurous life. All while having this illness and all the issues and barely any money. Maybe I didn’t have a lot of clothes or was able to go out and eat with friends, etc. but I gave myself the wildest ride of life I could.

I guess I need help with the things that I could never do for myself. It hurts that I couldn’t get dental care and still can’t. It hurts that I can’t buy the clothes I need and that I have new debts simply because I’m not making enough. I am making more everyday so I am working at it and it is moving forward.

In the present, I’m at a place of acceptance around what I can’t buy. I don’t have the yearning and emotions and victimhood around it anymore. But I keep catching my mind not really seeing my life as a good life or as a beautiful life.